Maritime Training on demand, tailored for your needs

Focusing mainly on Maritime regulations at various levels (international, european, local and national), the purpose of Nauticalex trainings is to infuse some genuine interest for shipping regulations ! Yes, it is possible ! The key is to bring a permanent parallel between reality (the crew on watch, the DPA writing his/her reports, the Port Officer double-checking the possible interpretations of a rule, etc…) and theory (that huge pile of instruments and documents).

This is why we are offering something else than another-of-those-slightly-boring-slideshows….The aim is to share our interest for maritime regulation, and more than that, our interest for their application in the real world.

Another area of competence offered by NauticaLex is teaching of Maritime English: whether it’s a course on technical English or a training on SMCP, students will be taught English with a pratical view, based on their needs in their field of activity.

A training can be developped to suit your very specific needs. It can also be delivered onboard your ships if this sounds more convienient.  Let us know what you need.


Formations maritimes à la carte

Les formations traitent principalement de la réglementation maritime, au niveau international, européen ou national, avec pour objectifs de rendre le sujet intéressant et accessible à tous et de développer les capacités personnelles en matière de recherche réglementaire.

Des formations d’anglais maritime (anglais technique et anglais SMCP) sont aussi disponibles, elles seront adaptées pour correspondre précisément aux attentes.

Toute formation peut être développée en fonction des besoins et des objectifs requis. Et pourquoi pas, être délivrée à bord de vos navires, si cela semble plus pratique.