Seafarers’ Unions and Shipowners Representatives speak in one voice to urge for action and save lives of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

ICS, ITF, ECSA released today a Join Press Statement under this title ” Thousands of Lives Will Be Lost in the Mediterranean Unless EU Governments Take Urgent Action“.


Such a unified statement, seafarers and shipowners sharing the same strong viewpoint, must be welcomed and highlighted.

The humanitarian crisis taking place in our European waters must cease, and this requires funding and involvement from all countries, not just those at the forefront such as Italy. SAR missions need to be fully implemented to relieve the burden placed on the merchant fleet sailing in this area. Can you believe that 40,000 people were rescued by merchant ships in 2014 ?

Those Organizations are right, Governments shall consider this issue as a “matter of life and death.” And today they had the courage to express this clearly, as a unified voice from the industry.

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